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1GAME:Return to the previous page

I have a problem. When I want to click on reply it goes to the login page. but after I login it shows me a message "click here return to index page" but I want to return to the previous page. How can I change that?
by miniu81
05 Nov 2010, 02:40
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: 1GAME:Return to the previous page
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Ops... :S

Hi, I have one problem, when I install this style and make it default it look like this...
It should look like the green line, but it goes right and than down :S (red line)
by Nicke
15 Nov 2009, 16:01
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: Ops... :S
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Attrium help.

This is my forum.

How do I make the menu only viewable to registered people, And how do I add things to it (like a link that goes to my online converter,And such).

~Thanks :D
by TahGamer
03 Oct 2009, 19:23
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: Attrium help.
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Need a little help with Minimalist

... colours.css which you've referred quite a few folks to on other various posts. I have, however, toyed around with the stylesheet.css - So here it goes... 1. How do I change this so it appears with the font color white? I know the hex ...
by Hoot83
10 Oct 2008, 22:03
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: Need a little help with Minimalist
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610nm Style by Daniel St. Jules There is some bugs on this style If you use IE6 head of the forum goes down on ie7 and others everything looks good i found in internet only 1 forum where head of the forum looks good its :) and ...
by dedgimly
05 Sep 2008, 10:15
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: 610nm Style by Daniel St. Jules
Replies: 2
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Envision style - no acces to email AND private message.

... to email and private messages to be sent within the forum. When trying to administer users: email and private message icons do not show. The same goes for the users list: email and private message icons do not show there too. Also, New Topic does NOT show, and a new message cannot be written. ...
by Ealan
02 Sep 2008, 23:12
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: Envision style - no acces to email AND private message.
Replies: 2
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Linking back to my WEBSITE

I have a question about adding a Link back to my WEBSITE PAGE somewhere this goes in my forum overall_header.html Is it possible to add the link to the left of the clock, If so where do I add code in the overall_header.html and is this the CORRECT code to be added ...
by ezzzy24k
06 Aug 2008, 02:53
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: Linking back to my WEBSITE
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Re: Coffee Time - PM icon

... than if it's grayed out. Edit: How do I use the tabs at the top of the banner? By that, I mean how do I change it from inactive to active when it goes to a new site? Would I require JavaScript for this? I wish it wouldn't. Last thing: in the template files, I see some text like: {CAPITAL_TEXT_HERE}. ...
by Eureka
18 Jul 2008, 00:41
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: Coffee Time - PM icon
Replies: 6
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Trainquility & Subforums

... my board, it simply won't show up. Our last style had no issues with subforums showing up, so I know that my settings are correct as far as phpBB goes. Any ideas on how to get the subforums to show up?
by Jaclyn
27 Apr 2008, 19:18
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: Trainquility & Subforums
Replies: 3
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Custom Banner

... the header. I've tried a few things in the overall header, but it's not working. Any ideas how to increase the height of the area where the logo goes? Also, how to adjust the font size of the Site Name and Site Description? I used to use SubSilver and Cobalt in phpbb2 and had those figured out. ...
by mimiaow
24 Apr 2008, 21:47
Forum: Styles Support
Topic: Custom Banner
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