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Thank you.

Postby ThankYou » 24 Jan 2011, 22:48

I would like to express my huge appreciation for this style. I know the best way of showing my appreciation is to donate - and I would like to say if I could donate, I can assure you I would, but this style I've just implemented onto a very popular board of mine and cannot thank you enough - it's absolutely awesome style and I'm getting endless compliments from members saying how they like it and that it was a good choice... I love it.

Thank you Christian Bullock and whoever else was involved for creating this - your work is admired and I'm very grateful, I can imagine it wasn't easy!

I was originally looking for a style that could incorporate most of the ProSilver layout, but have a little bit of subsilver2 incorporated - came across this style, edited the colours using colorizeit and it's just perfect!

So once again, thank you! :)
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Re: Thank you.

Postby Gladiator_28 » 02 Apr 2011, 22:38

Thanks !
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Re: Thank you.

Postby Nick! » 21 Apr 2011, 17:28

Thank you... ^^
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Re: Thank you.

Postby matania » 08 May 2012, 19:35

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